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Servicing the Tri State Area


Ensure safety in your work area

Recharge & Service Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Re-certify Fire Suppression Systems

Sell & Install Quality Fire Extinguishers


Correct any Fire Department Code Violations due to your city or town shutting down your establishment.

Inspections are required by Code.

We Can set your business up on a pre-determined frequency such as Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, or Annually.

We will ensure that your business meets all of the required Fire Safety Codes.


We do full town inspections for fire, which includes the full system test (actual test) lighting test, smoke test and hydrostatic test, to correct all deficiencies to get your business up and running.

FREE inspection for first time commercial hood cleaning


Warranties are available

Portable Fire Extinguishers are required to be visibly inspected when first placed into service & that necessary staff can easily access and operate each Fire Extinguisher.

They are also required to be inspected at least once a month   [see NFPA 10(98), Sections 4-3.1]

Our Fire Extinguisher Inspection includes:

  • Fire Extinguishers are secure in their designated locations

  • They are visible and accessible with no obstructions

  • All safety seals are intact and not broken or removed

  • There is no evidence of tampering, damage, corrosion, leakage or clogged nozzles

  • Pressure gauge readings are in their designated range and are properly weighted based on size

  • Operating instructions are legible

We will inform you in our monthly inspections of any Fire Extinguisher found obstructed, tampered with, or not within properly working order or have been exposed to theft or mechanical problems.

Before-Fire-Suppression-Kitchen-Fire After-Fire-Suppression-Kitchen-Fire



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